Our organic rosewater, or rose hydrosol as it is rightfully called, is made from large pink leaves of the Damask Rose (rosa damescena). Cultivated in the famous rose valley of Bulgaria, the Damask rose has been used to make essential oil and rosewater for centuries using the same steam distillation process. The ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece, and Persia were fervent consumers of rosewater and had both cosmetic, edible and religious uses for it.

A known beauty potion, rosewater is also attributed to excellent anti-inflammatory properties and has been used as an anti-aging ingredient. We think that its sweet floral notes pair perfectly with the fruity acidity of our red raspberries, and if it makes us look younger, then that’s just an added benefit.

Fun fact: 

Rosewater has always had quite the allure. It is said that Kleoprata took baths in the expensive pink water, and that the renaissance genius, Michelangelo, would drink it daily with his tea.    

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