Certified Organic

It's Quite Simple.

Norr Organic – Probiotic Skyr is made from organic, wholesome, fresh ingredients. The milk we use is always organic, grass-fed, and Non-GMO Project verified. We source our milk locally from a few small family farms in rural PA.
It’s quite simple.

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Organic & Grass-Fed

Every single ingredient used in our skyr is certified Organic. That means, it is made without any trace of pesticides, GMO’s, hormones or antibiotics. The milk we use comes from small family farms, where cows have plenty of pasture and fresh air – as they should.

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A Nordic Staple

In collaboration with Norr’s favorite Scandinavian chefs, we’ve created a delicious collection of both savory and sweet dishes using skyr.

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Scandinavian Heritage Crafted in America

The health-promoting properties of skyr have made it a central part of the Icelandic diet. In an industrialized food market that is riddled with mystique rather than transparency, our mission is to bring back the timeless wisdom that has triumphed for thousands of years: whole, clean and minimally processed is better and healthier for you.