If milk is our stone, bacteria cultures are our chisel. For thousands of years, people all around the world have known that these little organisms can help us preserve and make delicious fresh milk that would otherwise quickly go bad.

Because our products are based on old Scandinavian recipes, our bacteria cultures are sourced from this region. They are our greatest helpers, eating away the lactose in the milk and in return producing the aromas and textures that we like. Some need heat to thrive others like it cold, some are fast and some are slow – in short everything we do in the dairy is centered around pleasing them to get our desired outcomes.

Fun fact:

Aside from making our products taste and stay good, the bacteria are great for your stomach too. Most bacteria are good for the gut, but some are very good – these are called probiotic bacteria. The one we use has a fancy latin name – Lactobacillus Paracasei.

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