Bircher Oats & Skyr




300 g oats
4 dl cold-pressed apple juice
4 dl of Nōrr Skyr (Plain, Sea Buckthorn, Elderflower or Gooseberry)

Top with any crispy nuts and/or sweet berries

Leave the oats in apple juice for 20 min. either stir in the skyr or serve it on top. Sprinkle with favorite nuts, berries or diced fruit.

This very easy and fast breakfast can be varied in many ways, so find your favorite combo of taste.

Carrot & Taragon

Light Snack

Nōrr Skyr Mayo

Light Snack

Split Pea Mash

Light Snack

Pumpkin & Skyr

Light Snack

Rhubarb Crumble

The Sweet Kitchen