Jerusalem Artichoke Soup




600 g Jerusalem artichoke
4 shallots
20 g butter
4 tbsp. vinegar
1,6 L skimmed milk
Salt & pepper

Skyr dip:
100 g hazelnuts
2 apples
2 dl Nōrr Skyr

Fill a bowl with the milk. Peel the Jerusalem artichokes and place them in the bowl with milk. Finely chop the shallots. Put on a big pot, and simmer the shallots in butter, until they are transparent. Then add vinegar and boil until the bottom is almost dry. Add milk and Jerusalem artichokes, and leave to simmer for 40 min. Make sure the Jerusalem artichokes are very tender, if not boil longer checking every other minute. Now blend the soup in a blender until it is smooth. Season with salt and pepper; also add a dash of vinegar if needed.

Roast hazelnuts in the oven, at 300 degrees for 15 min, take out and let them cool. Chop the nuts. Cut the apples in fine dices and turn Nōrr Skyr with nuts and apple.

Serve the hazelnut dip on top of the soup

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